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The School attendance software enables parents and management with attendance monitoring and tracking capabilities. This software has been engineered considering the vital needs of the stakeholders in the school system, namely, the principal, administrator, teachers, students, parents, and security.

Attendance Management System


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Attendance Management System is software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges, or for any educational institution. It facilitates to access the attendance information of any student. This system will also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student.

Real-Time and Editable Attendance

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The moment a student scans fingerprint or an ID card in a time attendance device, the data comes into poise school management software. The entry and exit times are automatically interpreted as student and staff attendance, staff work hours, late in, early out, special classes, additional classes on holidays, and so on. Automatic SMS will be sent to parent’s mobile phone to give an alert that your children reached or exited form school.

Features of Poise School Attendance Management

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The fundamental asset of any school is its students. Students require care, monitoring, and guidance along with knowledge. Poise school management software empowers parents and teachers with monitoring and tracking capabilities. Designed for use by small to large schools and colleges, poise school management software is incredibly powerful and flexible software that enables you to manage your most important asset, your students. Poise school management software empowers the school administrators and teachers by giving them control, intelligence, speed, and the power to automate thereby providing them the ability to control and monitor your students.


The purpose of Poise School attendance management system is to computerize the traditional way of taking attendance, and to provide automated reports for all stakeholders.

How it works

Poise School attendance management enables quick recording and sharing of attendance. Teachers or assistants quickly mark the absent students using a laptop or iPad or mobile phones.Alternatively, using a biometric device, the fingerprint sensor can be used to identify both the students and staff. The biometric device may be optionally installed at the in and out doors of the schools.The fingerprint enrollment is a one-time process and can be part of student registration or identification card issuance process. The attendance entered manually or recorded by the biometric device is immediately transmitted available in the central database server.The data from the central database server is then used to notify the parents on the absentee students by email or SMS. The data is then further used for report card and other purposes.The entire process is fully automated and the attendance data are stored historically for as many years as needed.


Time Attendance Features

  • Manage Students Enrollments
  • Manage Students Attendance
  • Manage Teachers Enrollments
  • Manage Teachers Attendance
  • Manage Students Contact Details
  • Manage Class Rooms
  • Management Reporting
  • Manage Holidays
  • Biometric integration
  • SMS and e-mail Attendance notification
  • Email Alerts
  • Dashboard for summary viewing of Data
  • Manage Users, Roles for enhanced data security
  • Attendance Reports
  • Variety of Reports


  • Teachers, classes, student, attendance data available on demand
  • Attendance data shareable with stakeholders and other systems
  • Better accounting of student's whereabouts during school hours
  • Automatic SMS alert to Parent/Guardian when student is absent
  • More parental involvement in ascertaining student presence in schools
  • Historical student attendance management
  • Fast attendance recording
  • Proximity card options for young kids
  • Mobile attendance data collection and reporting
  • Robust employee attendance system
  • No paper or administrative work
  • Improves students attendance ratios
  • Better staff attendance management
  • Mobile viewing of attendance