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Micro Irrigation Farmerís Subsidy Management System

flow-dia With a mission to improve and increase the performance the Micro Irrigation (MI) for Horticulture and Non Horticulture crops across every region in all states of India, web based software for centralized subsidy allocation and management monitoring software is developed. This software was developed by Maruti Computers Private Limited (MCL), Chennai, is proved to be very successful after its implementation in the state of Tamil Nadu. This web based application software is an end-to-end tool which simplifies and facilitates the entire process of release of subsidy to the beneficiaries.

This system provides required information to all stake holders in a very transparent manner and provides paperless office and e-governance functionalities. This software was developed with latest technologies and fully complies with current guidelines of Central Government MI Scheme. The software is continually updated with the changes in rules and regulations, and for the technology changes. This software addresses the core need for this application - speedy processing of farmerís subsidy requests in a transparent manner.

Process flow

The software is built with Business Process Management (BPM) concepts. BPM provides the workflow or process management capability Ė that helps an organization to formulate a step by step flow of a process and stipulate conditions for flow from one step to another. It also provides tight security as who can move from one step to another.

Possibilities for modifications

The administrator of the system can make majority of operational changes without any programming changes. The system is built on a rule driven and data driven architecture. Hence by changing the data and rules the system behavior can be modified. Process flow control can be managed by changing the business process flow with use of Ganges. The software application will be continuously updated by MCL for the following items.
  • Central Government and state regulations
  • Software upgrades for technology related item


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