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Poise Editions:

      Poise Payroll can be used under a software license installed at your location or as a Hosted software service. Core Poise Payroll software is available in three editions Simple, Standard, and Advanced.

Optional Modules:

      The following optional modules are available depending on the Poise edition and the country where you plan to use this software.

Biometric Integration
      Integration of Poise Payroll with biometric system to automatically calculate attendance of employees. Calculation of attendance based on definable time settings and input from biometric system. Integration of attendance input with biometric system and leave management system
Module Availability with All Poise Editions

Pricing and Purchase
Employee Login
     Provides ability to create logins for all employees so that they can log securely with their username and password into the Internet. This module enables each employee to view only his/her Payroll related details. These include: Enter Monthly Attendance, Apply Leave, Print Salary Slips, etc.

Poise Payroll Hosted Services:

      All three poise editions and optional software modules can be used as a service. In the service model you can start using the software immediately by being hosted in our servers through your PC connected through internet. You may register and try our hosted solution for 60 days.

The following table compares the differences between licensed and hosted models.

Comparison Between License and Hosted Service

     Poise software can be used either as licensed software or as a hosted service. Both models offer the same features and user interface. The following table gives you a comparison between Software Licensing and Hosted Service. Either model may be suitable to you based on the size and business nature of your organization.

Issue(s) License Hosted Service
IT Infrastructure
     Licensed Software requires your own Hardware server, Windows operating System software, Microsoft SQL Server software, and you will setup and maintain them. You will maintain the hardware, software, databases, and backups yourself.
     In Hosted services, our hosting service provider manages the entire hardware, software, and database infrastructure. The databases are backed up on a daily basis. This provides a huge Information Technology (IT) infrastructure cost savings.
Security and Privacy
     The database resides within your premises and hence your business confidentiality remains fully under your control.
     It is to be noted that data is outside your premises. However, our hosted solution provides you full security and confidentiality.
Try and Buy
     You may try our licensed software for 90 days, by installing it on your PCs. After the end of the trial period, you may purchase a software license to continue using the software without interruption.
     You may try our Hosted Service for 30 days. We will create an exclusive database specifically for you. There is no need to install anything on your PCs. You will start using the software with your web browser. At the end of the trial period, you may purchase the hosted software license to continue using the service without interruption.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
     For a medium to large companies, the total cost of ownership is low over a long term.
     For a small company, TCO is low for short and long term. For medium and large companies, TCO is low for the short term, but high in the long term.
Investment and Cost Comparison
     This requires upfront investment for Poise software, Hardware, Operating system, and other IT related costs.

In addition a maintenance cost is required for Poise support and software upgrades.
     No upfront investment is required. Entire infrastructure is provided at a small per user fee. The Hosted software service is provided on short term contracts.

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